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If You Don't Change, Change Will Find You Anyway

November 13th, 2018 at 05:32 am

I got an email today that was a response to a blog post I made 7 years ago. I had totally forgotten I had started this blog 12 years ago, and had last posted 7 years ago.

The saddest thing is that I have not changed any of my personal savings/spending habits, but, of course, life has happened anyway and I'm facing even more dire circumstances than when I last posted.

My wife finally moved out to her own place in 2013. I never sold the house we raised our kids in. All three kids have moved out. My wife and I never got divorced.

But ....

In April of 2018 I lost my job, caught up in a division wide layoff. And I haven't been able to find a new job since. I got severance, but that runs out in a week or two. I qualified for unemployment insurance, which I got for the maximum 26 weeks, but now that has run out.

My wife and I have health insurance via COBRA for another year, but the premium for COBRA is 4 times what I paid for insurance when employed.

I have about two months worth of expenses in savings, and then my next recourse is my 401(k). But, my wife and I are finally moving forward with the divorce, where we will split my 401(k), which is really meager, considering I worked at the same place for 20 years.

I have changed little in my approach to money since I started this blog in 2006, and I'm reaping the "benefits" of my bad habits.

But maybe I'll post a little more .... at least until I get distracted again.